TicketTokens for catalog purchases-Now or Later--Click Here

TicketTokens for catalog purchases-Now or Later--Click Here
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TicketTokens are purchased for catalog purchases Now or Later.Which can be used right away for catalog items or accumulate and use later by mailing with item request form or letter.If used for Later,TicketTokens will be mailed to you.This works like a layaway,allowing you to buy over time.Special Note:TicketTokens are good for 1 year ONLY.You will be refunded any amount that is not used.It is not necessary to mail back any unused TicketTokens.The embedded code on each TicketToken expires,making it worthless after 1 year.Please Note:indicate total number of items AND color either 3000k(warm white=yellow) or 5000k(neutral white=white)DEFAULT BASE SHALL BE Standard E27.Go to About Us OR Contact Us to view catalogs and download Item Request Form